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What’s Next for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang After Losing his Captaincy at Arsenal

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, now Arsenal’s former captain, lost his captaincy at the club after what the club calls “his latest disciplinary breach.”

What did Aubameyang do to Get Dropped?

The incident was a late arrival for training after Aubameyang had traveled to see his mother. He had been permitted to travel but with explicit instructions to be back by that Wednesday. However, in what seems to have become a habit, he was late for his return and came back a day later on Thursday.

Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta was reportedly furious for the breach against instructions, culminating in the stripping of Aubameyang’s armband as Arsenal’s captain. Following this ‘breach’ of discipline, the latest in a long line of going against instructions, Arsenal saw it fit to strip Aubameyang of his armband.

Aubameyang Suspended

The decision was further reinforced with a seeming suspension where Arsenal saw it fit to leave out the Gabon forward for their match with Southampton. It was nothing short of a slap in the face, as Aubameyang has been instrumental in Arsenal’s run for the last few years. One of the most memorable of his contributions is leading Arsenal to FA Cup victory with a 2-1 win over Chelsea.

Does Arsenal Need Aubameyang more than he Needs Them?

Aubameyang is no doubt at a loss but many are saying that it was a case of Arsenal needing him more than he needs them. This could be true as Arsenal have been struggling momentously throughout this season of the English Premier League and are now only picking themselves up after what was a terrible start of the season. Currently in fourth place in league standings, Aubameyang’s leadership and servitude on the pitch may have just been enough to see them have a clear shot at the top four.

Arsenal’s New Captain: The Three Co-Captains

Even so, the club albeit having capable players like Granit Xhaka, Gabriel Maghales, and Kieran Tierney may as well struggle in their campaign. After losing his captaincy, Aubameyang apologized to his fans saying “I’m just so sorry.”

Aubameyang celebrating a goal
Aubameyang has been instrumental in Arsenal’s success in the last few years.

The three are now co-captains at the club following Aubameyang’s demotion. Nonetheless, only Tierney is likely to be made permanent captain as Maghales is still not very fluent in his English and may have issues communicating clearly while Xhaka was himself stripped of captaincy back in 2019 and may not be a good choice of captain having lost the position earlier. Tierney on his part may make the cut but has been grappling with injuries leading to doubts on his overall availability on the pitch where he would be needed hands-on to lead his fellow players.

Possible Move to Barcelona or Chelsea

Aubameyang may have lost his captaincy but still has a good appeal as a player. He has star capacity and scores enough goals to see him become a likely buy for any of the big clubs. There’s even speculation that he could be afforded a slot at Barcelona come January.

Thomas Tuchel Consoles Aubameyang Citing his Prowess

At home, Chelsea may be eyeing him after the club’s manager came out to console Aubameyang calling him a “very important player” and saying that they have a “very close relationship” and that he will “reach out”. Whatever the case, Aubameyang’s glory days in Arsenal may seem to be over but he could as well prove his coach wrong or opt to leave for a club that would appreciate his prowess and not be too concerned with issues such as lateness.

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