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Romelu Lukaku Bites the Hand that Feeds Him – Chelsea

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Romelu Lukaku bit the hand that feeds him – his club Chelsea by making controversial comments in an interview with an Italian media company, Sky Italia. In what was an eye-opening and shocking opening up by Lukaku, Chelsea was put in a difficult situation, leading to Lukaku being benched for Chelsea’s game against Liverpool on January 2nd.

What Did Lukaku Say in his Sky Italia Interview?

Lukaku, in the interview, said that he was unhappy at Chelsea and has a desire to go back to the Italian club, Inter Milan. Inter Milan fans think otherwise, however, with most stating that they do not want him back. On the other hand, his being unhappy at Chelsea and him revealing it just before a huge fixture such as the one against Liverpool was nothing short of a slap on the cheek for Chelsea and Thomas Tuchel, their manager.

Lukaku Benched After Sky Italia Comments

In reaction, Chelsea benched Lukaku for their game against Liverpool, fearing that the story would conjure up an even bigger story and affect the morale of the team. The game against Liverpool went on and Chelsea drew 2-2 with Liverpool. It was a fantastic match, nonetheless, even as some fans feel that had Lukaku not been benched, he would have scored a third goal for Chelsea.

Did Tuchel and Chelsea Fail to Support Lukaku?

Lukaku is in good form and is such a high-quality player that he was bought for 100 million pounds. He is part of the creme de la creme of football and it is so unfortunate that a team such as Chelsea and a tactician such as Tuchel could fail to ensure that he gets the tools he needs to perform at peak performance.

Romelu Lukaku Bites the Hand that Feeds Him - Chelsea
Lukaku’s comments in his interview show that Chelsea and Tuchel failed to support him despite his hefty purchase price.

Consequences for Lukaku’s Interview

The consequences for Lukaku’s comments will be far-reaching as some say that they also indicated his interest to leave and represent an invitation to willing clubs to purchase him. The comments could lead to a transfer for Lukaku, or even worse him being benched for most of the season albeit not being let go or transferred or loaned out elsewhere.

Lukaku Comments: Abuse of Press Freedoms and Lack of Maturity

Lukaku’s comments represented an abuse of his press freedoms and analysts indicate that he lacked the maturity to protect his team. Teams will give star players the chance to speak to journalists and they expect that the player is mature enough to credit the team and protect it from controversy, even when there are aspects of the team that need improvement. For instance, after scoring a goal, the player being interviewed will likely credit the whole team for his goal and not thump his chest saying it was all him.

Romelu Lukaku Bites the Hand that Feeds Him - Chelsea
Lukaku’s comments were an abuse of his press freedoms and a show of lack of maturity.

Will Lukaku Leave Chelsea?

Lukaku’s future at Chelsea is now unclear and even as he has a right to express his feelings and opinions, he should have done better not to bite the hand that feeds him. He remains a star player and a good number of teams would be willing and able to purchase him to play for them. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Man City, Liverpool, Man United, or PSG sought his services.

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