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Benzema Scores a Hat Trick Sending PSG Out of the Champions League

Karim Benzema scored a hat trick in Real Madrid’s 3-1 win against Paris Saint-Germain, sending PSG out of the UEFA Champions League. Benzema showed remarkable prowess and stamped his name into the history books in what was a riveting matchup.

Benzema: A French Man Making History

Benzema became the only French man to score 3 hat tricks in the UEFA Champions League or European Cup. He also became the first French man to single-handedly send a French team out of the UCL. His level of play was beyond what anyone had pegged to be possible. He took advantage of PSG’s goalkeeper Donnaruma’s mistake and turned the game around. Benzema’s hat trick was also one of the fastest in UCL history as he scored his 3 goals in the 61st, 76th, and 78th minutes.

Mbappe and Messi’s Efforts Prove Futile

PSG were ahead by the end of the first half, with a single goal scored by Kylian Mbappe. Mbappe showed great effort and his lone goal was a culmination of a pass he’d gotten from Lionel Messi. The two seemed to create danger superbly together but unfortunately, were no match for Benzema and his Real Madrid side in the second half.

Mbappe put real good effort and scored a goal in their 3-1 loss to Real Madrid
Mbappe put real good effort and scored a goal in their 3-1 loss to Real Madrid.

Real vs PSG: A Paradoxical Payback

The game was something of a paradoxical payback as Benzema is a french man who sent a french team out of the UCL and Real Madrid was and still is Messi’s former team (Barcelona’s) nemesis. In both cases, Real Madrid and Benzema got to punish PSG and Messi in a way that we didn’t think was possible. Benzema’s role in the win and the win itself will remain a source of pride for him and the team for many years to come. They surmounted a giant and I’m sure, we’ll remember this match as one of the best in the UCL thus far.

Karim Benzema scored a hat-trick sending PSG out of the UCL
Benzema was on fire on Wednesday a played a crucial role in the paradoxical payback of Real Madrid against PSG.

Tough Days Ahead for Pochettino

PSG have been obsessed with the UEFA Champions League title since their Qatari acquisition in 2011. The team has coveted the cup for a long time and unfortunately their journey in the UCL this season has come to an end. Their manager Mauricio Pochettino is set to have a harsh time even as PSG is doing remarkably well in Ligue 1. Analysts say that he will be judged harshly for the UCL disqualification; more than he’ll be lauded for a win in the Ligue 1 if PSG emerge victorious in the French national league.

Money Doesn’t Fix a Team or Does It?

PSG were acquired in 2011 and at last, had the resources they need to get the team to the next level. They could now acquire better players, pay their players better, and hire the best managers in the world. They have had enough monetary resources to ensure they become a top-tier team both nationally and in European football.

Star Signings without Impeccable Results

However, the cash, it seems, is not a panacea to all their problems. Even after signing impeccable players such as Messi, they still couldn’t surmount Real Madrid and get past the UCL’s Last 16. The lesson then is, money doesn’t fix a team or how well they perform. It definitely helps them improve on their quality and reach but intrinsically, it is the spirit of the team and their heart that wins trophies and culminates into success.

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