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Manchester United Humiliated 5-0 by Liverpool at Old Trafford

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Manchester United have suffered a humiliating 5-0 defeat by Liverpool at Old Trafford. In what was a resounding defeat, Mohamed Salah scored a hat-trick, with the other two goals coming from Diogo Jota and Naby Keita. To make matters worse, on top of Manchester United being humiliated 5-0, Paul Pogba was handed a red card while Cristiano Ronaldo, Fred, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Harry Maguire, Bruno Fernandes, and Luke Shaw were handed yellow cards. Today’s performance was one of the worst in club history and has compounded calls for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to be sacked. In his words were “it’s the darkest day I have had leading these boys.”

A Huge Loss for Manchester United

Alex Ferguson was watching the game and his face said it all. It’s the first time the club has been beaten at home by 5 goals or more, without scoring a goal in return. It’s a huge loss going back to the Manchester Derby in 1955 where Manchester United were also humiliated 5-0 by Manchester City. On the flip side, Liverpool are on a roll with consecutive victories in both the English Premier League and in the UEFA Champions League.

Man United: A Big Five Club with Poor Leadership

Manchester United are one of the big five clubs in English football. It is such a shame that their poor leadership led Manchester United to be humiliated 5-0 by Liverpool. At this rate, Man United are failing systematically in their leadership with an unwarranted insistence that Ole should remain at the helm. A team as big as Man United needs qualified leadership and no disrespect to Ole but a team as big and legendary as Man U deserves better. Even so, all managers no matter how good, suffer humiliating defeats, and maybe Ole needs a little more time, which we highly doubt. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was a caretaker manager at first and to be honest, he has done enough caretaking and it’s time the club employed a well-qualified and accomplished manager. Their performance was so bad that Harry Maguire apologized to the fans saying that “we are all disappointed.”

Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes visibly disappointed by their 5-0 loss to Liverpool. Manchester United Humiliated 5-0 by Liverpool at Old Trafford
Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes were visibly disappointed by their 5-0 loss to Liverpool.

Liverpool are on a Roll

Liverpool have shown such great quality time and again, that they are now in a league of their own with the likes of Chelsea FC. Manchester City are also doing well but seem to be suffering a disillusion of late, with their below-expectation performances in their engagements even in the UEFA Champions League. Talking of the UCL, Manchester United have been struggling to win matches there and it is quite unfortunate that with such a star-studded team, they have little they can do to show their quality in their campaigns. A new manager is needed at the club and there is no question about that. We can all see what a highly qualified and diligent manager such as Jurgen Klopp or Thomas Tuchel can do for a big and well-monied club. The club has invested so much in the team that it is a shame that the manager is letting them down.

A Good Coach is Seen by the Quality of His/Her Young Players

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Teams such as Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City are now producing new stars and enjoying the quality that young players bring to the team. Good examples include Ferran Torres of Man City and Chelsea’s Mason Mount. At any point in time, a good coach can be seen from the quality of his/her young players. Maybe Manchester United need a female coach, they definitely need one that bad. When a coach is able to nurture new talent, then it can be said that he or she is doing a good job. Even Barcelona’s Ronald Koeman has done quite a good job nurturing young talent such as Ansu Fati.

Manchester United Need a Total Overhaul of their Technical Bench

Manchester United need an overhaul of their technical bench if they are going to go anywhere in the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League this season. If nothing is done, then we can see Man United not making the top four in the EPL and being dropped off in the Champions League. Man United may have a bit of footing in the EPL but the UCL won’t hesitate to kick them out. The kind of quality at the European level is no joke and even big teams such as Barcelona FC risk the chance of failing to qualify for the round of 32, leave alone the last 16. With that said, Manchester United is no club to be humiliated 5-0 by any team.

It’s No Question Ole Should Go

In our view, Ole should go, not because he is a bad manager but because Manchester United are such a big and legendary club that they simply deserve better leadership. As such, Maybe Ole should seek to manage a small team such as Newcastle United. After all, they are on the market for a new manager. For Man United, we the fans want Zinedine Zidane as the new manager. Do you think Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should be sacked? And if so, who should replace him? Let us know in the comments below.

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