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Sebastian Vettel Quits Formula One

Sebastian Vettel announced this week that he is retiring by the end of the 2022 season and essentially quitting Formula One. Vettel is one of the all-time greats and his retirement has come as a surprise and shock to many.

Four-Time World Champion

Sebastian Vettel is a four-time Formula One World Champion. He won the world title four times in a row, starting from 2009-2013. He has also had 53 Grand Prix wins and has gone down in history as number three in that tally. Lewis Hamilton is first with the most Grand Prix wins at 103 so far.

Why Did Sebastian Vettel Retire?

Climate Activism

Vettel has become increasingly involved in activism, especially climate activism, and grew very conscious of the consequences of climate change.

Sebastian Vettel wearing a climate change activism tshirt warning of sea rise in Miami by 2060
Sebastian Vettel wearing a climate change activism t-shirt warning of sea rise in Miami by 2060.

He’s protested how sports such as F1 are contributing to climate change and it seems he’s felt very strongly about the matter which may have contributed to his calling it quits in Formula One.

Sebastian Vettel wearing a Climate Justice Now Tshirt
Sebastian Vettel wearing a Climate Justice Now t-shirt.

More Time with the Family

Sebastian Vettel also made a statement where he pointed out that he wanted to spend more time with his family, hence the retirement. Formula One is a sport that involves a lot of traveling and grueling practice, preparations, and logistics and these leave little time for F1 drivers to spend quality time with their families. Seb, it seems, is at a place where he feels he should step back from the sport and be more present in his family life.

Adoration from the Community 

On announcing his retirement, Sebastian Vettel received an outpouring of praise, including from rival and friend Lewis Hamilton. Lewis had very warm words for Vettel, saying that he has left the sport better than he found it.

We wish Seb the very best in his endeavors and applaud him for a stellar career. We also hope he keeps on speaking out about climate change and its devastating effects. Follow us on Twitter @maniaincsports for more.

Sebastian Vettel wearing a 'please don't litter keep it clean' tshirt
Sebastian Vettel wearing a ‘please don’t litter keep it clean’ t-shirt.
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