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The UEFA Champions League is on its 66th footing in the current season. It is a league of European clubs that is organized by the Union of European Football Associations or UEFA. The league commenced in 1955 as the European Cup and was later rebranded to UEFA Champions League in 1992. The earlier version of the league used a knockout system, while the current version uses a double round-robin system. 

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Double Round-Robin System

A double round-robin system is where each team plays all other teams home and away in a tournament. The league has 32 teams, with 26 pre-qualified teams and 6 that are selected from a preliminary round, three qualifying rounds, and a play-off round that is played over two legs. The six selected teams are those that remain and then join the 26 that are prequalified. European nations can enter up to four clubs in the championship, and with 32 teams, there are eight groups of four teams each.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich won the previous season of the UEFA Champions League after they beat Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 in the final. Bayern Munich had beaten Barcelona a record 8-2 in the quarter-finals, a win that prompted Barcelona’s captain Lionel Messi to seek to leave the club. Bayern Munich had a tremendous season and were in top form. They also won the German Bundesliga last season. That win was the eighth consecutive win for the team. Eight consecutive Bundesliga wins is a feat like no other. The team is the top contender this season, and we are very excited to see how it unfolds. We have started a UEFA Fantasy League, and you can join the league using this link or the code: 617RJJOOSF05. 

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