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UCL Semi-Finals Leg 1: Manchester City Edge Over Real Madrid as Liverpool beat Villareal

It’s here! The semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League finally kicked off. The teams have started to really go at it and in the UCL Semi-Finals Leg 1: Manchester City edged over Real Madrid with a 4-3 win as Liverpool beat Villareal 2-0. Manchester City’s goals were scored by Kevin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, Phil Foden, and Bernardo Silva. For Real Madrid, the goals included a brace by Karim Benzema and a fantastic goal by Vinicius Junior. Liverpool’s goals were scored by Sadio Mane while the other was an own goal by Villareal’s Pervis Estupinan. Jordan Henderson showed it the way also. 😂😂

Oh, City! Manchester City

Manchester City are making me really proud even as I am not a City fan. City put up a mad dog fight against the gorilla that Real Madrid has become and walked away with 4 goals in reply to Real’s 3. I have never seen Man City be given a run for their money as in their game against Real Madrid. Watching the game was an edge-of-the-seat experience and we can now say that the teams have started to get really competitive. Whoever wins the UCL this season, they will have deserved it. Things are really cut-throat and we are so excited to see how the saga unfolds.

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Manchester City are set to have a wonderful year this year if they can keep up the fight both at home in the Premier League and in the UEFA Champions League.

Kevin de Bruyne and Phil Foden have been instrumental in Man City's Success
Kevin de Bruyne and Phil Foden have been instrumental in Man City’s success.

The Gorilla that Real Madrid has Become

Real Madrid are without a doubt a silverback gorilla at this point in the Champions League. They are ruthless and will fight to the death to get what they want. Real get into the pitch chest-thumping, do a gorilla dance punching the ground around their opponents to intimidate them, and then give Benzema the ball to pounce on their opponents. Benzema has become the head of the gorilla and he pounces hard, at times leaving big opponents shocked that that much meat has been taken from them. Real Madrid are not out yet, far from it. They have the second leg of the UCL Semifinals to defend their territory and will be sure to give City a dress down.

Man City fought to the teeth to edge over Real Madrid. UCL Semi-Finals Leg 1
Man City fought to the teeth to edge over Real Madrid. That only goes to show how strong Real Madrid have become in the UCL this season.

Liverpool are as Hot as they have Ever Been

Liverpool are coming out as very hot with what was an electric display of form and fortitude against an odd-defying Villareal. Liverpool took me by surprise by their composure and tunnel vision and the ability to remain objective while buried in a heap of pressure to perform. Liverpool were not phased by any of that and as much as you could see they were at work, they simply enjoyed playing football. Put one and two together and they are now going into the second leg of the UCL Semifinals with a 2-goal lead and if their season performance is anything to go by, they will ace the semis.

Liverpool's Jordan Henderson
Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson. Liverpool are as hot as they have ever been and have a good chance of lifting the UCL title.

Villareal’s Strong Run that Now Seems to be Slumping

Villareal were the Lightning McQueen of the UCL underdogs this season. They overcame every one of their opponents to get to the semis but now seem to be on a slump. Don’t get me wrong, Villareal could surprise us all in the second leg, as they do so well. However, do they really stand a chance against Liverpool? The honest answer is yes. Villareal are as good a team as any. If they can find their rhythm of the game and put some heart into it, they could as well upend Liverpool’s aggregate lead so far and head to the Champions League finals. Will that happen? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

Liverpool remained consistent and beat Villareal. UCL Semi-Finals Leg 1
Liverpool remained consistent and beat Villareal. However, Villareal are as good as any and could pull a surprise comeback.
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