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Tottenham Stun Manchester City as the Race for the EPL Title Heats Up

Gameweek 26 of the English Premier League brought the zest back to English football as Tottenham stunned Manchester City 3-2. It was a night to remember for Tottenham and especially for England captain, Harry Kane. Kane scored a brace in what was one of his best games in the EPL and while playing for Tottenham.

Man City Get a Dose of Their Own Medicine

Manchester City are a giant in the premier league but got a dose of their own medicine in the game against Hostpur. The game was a stark contrast to their obvious prowess on the pitch as they struggled to get through Tottenham’s defense. Man City only managed to score two goals; one from Gundogan, who took advantage of a mistake by Tottenham, and the other a penalty kick that Riyad Mahrez converted. Their slump didn’t go unpunished by Tottenham who, on their part, made significant mistakes themselves.

The ‘Fantastic Duo’ Delivers for Tottenham

Tottenham’s game was a marvel, especially in the performance of the fantastic duo that is Harry Kane and Son Heung-Ming. Son assisted the first goal that was scored by their new player, Dejan Kulusevski. Heung-Ming then went on to assist Kane in scoring. Harry Kane converted a corner via a header and scored one more fantastic goal. He showed his prowess on the pitch in what was one of his legendary performances in the EPL thus far.

Conte’s Managerial Prowess Clear for Everyone to See

Tottenham, now under legendary coach Antonio Conte, seemed to employ an entirely new approach in their game. The team played long ball where they crossed the ball forward in high overhead passes. The approach worked so well that immediately they got the ball, they would pass it forward to their strikers. They executed the strategy so well that they even managed to avoid offsides. Needless to say, Conte was thrilled and Tottenham bagged the three points. Tottenham are now eighth with 39 points while Man City remains on top with 63 points.

Antonio Conte congratulating Dejan Kulusevski on scoring his goal
Antonio Conte congratulating Dejan Kulusevski on scoring his first goal for Tottenham.

Will Man City Bounce Back from Their Loss to Tottenham?

Manchester City are arguably the best team in the EPL. Even so, the game against Tottenham remains a stark reminder of the need to keep on improving. I am sure that coach Pep Guardiola will take on the lesson learned in the game and sharpen his side accordingly. Antonio Conte had one time named Pep the best coach in the world and he was not wrong. Manchester City are going to bounce back and will do it in spectacular fashion. They’re still atop the EPL standings and are the main contender for the title.

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