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Kylian Mbappe Move to Real Madrid Halted Plus Notable Deadline Transfers

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The current transfer window has been nothing short of amazing, and surprising, as numerous teams have made huge shifts and deadline transfers. A good example is Real Madrid which made a bid for Kylian Mbappe, currently at Paris Saint-Germain. Real Madrid offered 260 million dollars to sign Kylian Mbappe. However, Paris Saint-Germain refused the offer and opted to remain with him. There have been reports that Kylian Mbappe wants to leave PSG even with the recent signing of Lionel Messi. Even though PSG have a strong squad, losing Kylian Mbappe would present a major blow to the team’s forward. Nonetheless, even if Kylian Mbappe left, PSG would remain a strong team and are the main title contenders for the French Ligue 1

$260 Million “Not Much” for PSG’s Qatari Owners

The $260 million bid is a huge price tag for one player and analysts say that it may seem a lot to the common teams but for PSG’s Qatari owners, that is a bucket in the ocean. According to them, analysts say, if Mbappe stays and PSG wins the UEFA Champions League, then that would be “good for the team”. PSG have had an amazing summer and did not want anything to ruin it and that’s why they refused the $260 million offer by Real Madrid. Even so, reports indicate that Kylian Mbappe could still make the move early next year for close to nothing. He is reportedly eager to leave and despite push back from PSG, he’s likely to make the move anyway once his contract lapses with the club.

Shock Griezmann Transfer to Atletico Madrid

The current transfer window has also seen Cristiano Ronaldo come back to Manchester United in a move that saw the Legendary player rejoin the team where he made his name on the global stage. In another transfer, Barcelona FC loaned out Antoine Griezmann to Atletico Madrid, his former club. The move comes as the club has been facing financial difficulties. Barcelona are said to have a difficult time coping with the new salary rules for La Liga and loaning out Griezmann, it seems, is a way to cushion the club from increasing financial woes. Atletico Madrid will also have the obligation to buy Griezmann and that is likely to benefit Barcelona as the team needs the money moving forward. Diego Simeone’s side will get a major boost for getting Griezmann.

Antoine Griezmann. Kylian Mbappe Move to Real Madrid Halted Plus Notable Deadline Transfers.
Antoine Griezmann. Griezmann is a high-quality professional player who will bring such a high impact to Atletico Madrid.

Saul Niguez Moves to Chelsea 

There have also been other deadline transfers including for Atletico Madrid which let go of its player Saul Niguez, who went to Chelsea. Niguez was transferred on loan but with the option to buy him. Reports indicate that Tuchel was in the market for a strong midfielder and Niguez was a player versatile enough for the role. Chelsea already have a formidable squad and are title contenders for this season of the English Premier League. Antoine Griezmann moved to Atletico Madrid on loan, in a move that was a shocker for Barcelona fans who already lost Messi this season. Consequently, Barcelona’s attacking force has been strongly weakened as the team was expected to have Messi, Griezmann, and Depay on attack. With the star departures, however, the club will have to rely on De Jong and Braithwaite instead.

Saul Niguez. Kylian Mbappe Move to Real Madrid Halted Plus Notable Deadline Transfers.
Saul Niguez. Niguez is said to have been perfect for the midfield at Chelsea, making Tuchel push for his transfer to the club.

Daniel James Makes Deadline Transfer to Leeds

Another of the deadline transfers worth mentioning is that of Daniel James who moved to Leeds United from Manchester United for 25 million euros. With the current squad at Manchester United, Dan James was likely not to play as much. This was much more likely after the club signed Cristiano Ronaldo. James’ playtime was already limited and he had only scored nine goals in 74 appearances. The deadline move made Manchester United a profit of about 10 million euros. It also guaranteed that James would finally get the move he had been anticipating, as he’s been passionate about moving to Leeds. James had been linked to Leeds before, but the transfer did not go through at the time.

Daniel James. Kylian Mbappe Move to Real Madrid Halted Plus Notable Deadline Transfers.
Daniel James. Daniel James had been previously linked to Leeds but the move fell over. However, he managed to make the move after Leeds made a 25 million euros bid for his transfer to the club.
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