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Fantastic Showdown between Chelsea and Liverpool

Happy New Year everyone! Chelsea’s Premier League showdown against Liverpool on 2nd January was nothing short of fantastic. It was a beautiful start to the year and hopefully sets a standard for all games this year. The two teams went on to show amazing quality and form, cementing their place as league contenders for this season. The two teams drew 2-2 in what was a game for the history books.

Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah Goals

Liverpool kicked off scoring in the eighth minute when Sadio Mane took advantage of a mistake by Trevor Chalobah to edge past Edouard Mendy. Seventeen minutes later and Mohamed Salah converted a brilliant pass from Trent Alexander-Arnold with a superb right flank score.

Fantastic Showdown between Chelsea and Liverpool
Sadio Mane took advantage of Trevor Chalobah’s mistake to score a wonderful goal for Liverpool.

Chelsea’s Goals Against Liverpool

In the 42nd minute, Mateo Kovacic scored what was a brilliant goal for Chelsea, arguably one of their best this season. He volleyed the ball into the goal after it had been punched away by Liverpool goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher, following a free-kick by Marcos Alonso. Chelsea then went on to equalize after N’Golo Kante’s superb pass was converted by Christian Pulisic.

Wonderful Display of Quality from Both Chelsea and Liverpool

The game was a beautiful display of quality and perseverance. Chelsea came from behind to level with Liverpool in what were fantastic goals. Liverpool on their part were passing like pros and converting beautiful passes into even more beautiful goals.

Mohamed Salah’s Right Flank Strike

With the likes of Mohamed Salah at the fore, the team did a wonderful job in such a big game despite the draw. A good example is Trent Alexander-Arnold’s wonderful pass to Salah. Salah, coming in hot on the right flank, did justice to the pass and edged the ball past Mendy, despite the acute angle. Salah is unstoppable on the right flank and he is such a quality player to have the ability to strike so well at such an acute position.

Fantastic Showdown between Chelsea and Liverpool
Mohamed Salah is superb on the right flank, converting passes into fantastic left foot goals.

Is Salah Left Handed/Footed?

He is left-handed/footed and has such strong command of his left foot that he does such a good job striking at that position. He also does remarkably well with his right foot.

Kovacic’s Superb Goal Against Liverpool

Chelsea also did a wonderful job, especially in how they scored their first goal. Mateo Kovacic converted what was an almost impossible punch by Kelleher, fantastically volleying the ball. The two teams have shown such great quality that we can now see that the race to league victory is truly on.

Chelsea’s Premier League Standings

Chelsea remain second on EPL standings with 43 points, one more than Liverpool who are third with 42, but 10 points behind league leaders Manchester City who have 53 points.

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