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Chelsea are the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League Winners

Chelsea ended their fantastic ride to UEFA Champions League glory with a stunning display from Kai Havertz. Havertz scored the only goal of the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final that ended in a 1-0 win for Chelsea. Havertz’s goal came just before half-time. Thomas Tuchel has done a wonderful job since becoming the manager of the club. Havertz and a host of other young players, including Timo Werner have propelled Chelsea to new heights in their style of play and prowess.

Chelsea Win UEFA 2021. Thomas Tuchel Celebrates UCL 2021 Win with Chelsea
Thomas Tuchel celebrates UEFA win with Chelsea.

Manchester City’s dreams of winning the UCL for the first time have been dashed as this was their first time to get to the UCL finals. Manchester City have never gotten to the UEFA finals before, leave alone won the UEFA Champions League. Pep Guardiola has won the UEFA Champions League twice, however, both times as the coach of Barcelona.

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Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea’s win is an incredible feat for Thomas Tuchel who has won the cup one year after losing out in the 2019/20 UCL finals as PSG coach. PSG lost 0-1 to Bayern Munich. Tuchel is quite the manager and has headed humongous clubs such as Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain. The most impressive of his feats so far is winning the UEFA Champions League on his debut season with Chelsea.

The owners of Chelsea are very happy with Tuchel who is touted as one of the best managers in world football currently. Tuchel has a unique style of play and world-class tactical knowledge. Tuchel also presents the new age of Chelsea as a club represented by the young and brimming with energy. Thomas Tuchel also had an incredible run at PSG where he led the club to the UCL finals and won a quadruple in league championships.

Chelsea Win UEFA 2021. Chelsea Coach Thomas Tuchel
Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel.

Pep Guardiola

Manchester City did exceptionally well this season. They made club history by getting themselves to the UEFA Champions League Finals for the first time. Pep Guardiola remains a legend and will have a chance to go at it again next season. Pep may have overthought the huge game and his choice not to start with a striker may have weakened the team. Nonetheless, the magic of Guardiola’s managerial skills is to be lauded even when he slumps.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola
Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola.

Manchester City won the English Premier League this season and remain one of the best clubs in English and European football. Despite a tumultuous journey to the UCL finals, Manchester City will have the opportunity to have a go at it again, as will Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool. The top four teams in the English Premier League go to the UEFA Champions League while the fifth team goes to the UEFA Europa League.

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Sad Loss

Despite the loss, Manchester City dominated the match with a possession of 60%, compared to Chelsea’s 40%, and a pass accuracy of 88% compared to that of 81% by Chelsea. Chelsea had 8 shots on target while Man City had 7. Manchester City had more fouls with 14 as compared to Chelsea that had 13. Man City got two yellow cards while Chelsea got one. Both teams had a single save. Manchester City lost out on numerous opportunities to score with mostly Mahrez and Sterling missing the net.

Chelsea Win UEFA 2021. Pep Guardiola Reacts to 2021 UCL Final Loss
Pep Guardiola reacts to UEFA final loss.

Chelsea’s Timo Werner, on the other hand, missed the net a couple of times despite being instrumental to the success of the team in the match. Timo Werner and a host of other young players are the future of Chelsea. The game saw Kevin De Bruyne suffer injuries after clashing with Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger. It also marked a sad farewell for Sergio Aguero.

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