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Brighton Humiliate Manchester United as Man City Hammer Newcastle and Liverpool Draw Spurs

In what is panning out to be a critical EPL Gameweek 36, Brighton Hove Albion humiliated Manchester United 4-0 as Manchester City hammered Newcastle a good 5-0, and Liverpool drew Tottenham Hotspur. United have now lost hopes for ending up in the top four as City further cement their lead in the EPL and grow their title hopes. Liverpool still hope to give City a run for their money.

Gory Gory Man United!

On what was one of the saddest days for Manchester United fans, including myself, United got handed their behinds by Brighton. What was even more shocking is that United didn’t even reply with a single goal. The players chased their tails the whole time as if they were on fire. United has entered a new level of disappointing that some fans are speaking of jumping ship and moving over to City. 

The look on Cristiano's face says it all
The look on Cristiano’s face says it all. United are performing so dismally that it is becoming gory to watch.

United Still Sixth in the EPL

It’s very problematic and troubling that a team of United’s status could end up not getting to the top four of the EPL. I mean, what else does the team need? What don’t they have and what is missing to cause such gory results? It’s becoming increasingly tiring to keep on reading and even writing about a Manchester United that is only a shadow of its former self. Something must be done and it must be done immediately! Let us know what you think in the comments below. Follow us on @maniaincsports on Twitter for more updates and results.

Manchester City Hammer Newcastle

In spectacular City fashion, Man City hammered Watford a good 5 goals to no reply. It seems that their loss in the UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals refocused the team to clinching the EPL title and as it looks, the league title this season is theirs to lose. 

Manchester City Hammer Newcastle
Despite their loss in the UCL Semi-finals, City remain adamant about clinching the EPL title.

Dust-Off and Keep Going

The most amazing thing about City’s 5-0 win against Newcastle is that despite it being expected, it came against the backdrop of a momentous loss in the UCL for City. Their ability to just dust off and keep going is phenomenal. We can only imagine the talk Pep had to have with the boys.

City Almost Tasting the Title Win

Manchester City are just on the precipice of winning the English Premier League title this season. Their remarkable run has been heavily rivaled by Liverpool but they’ve stood their ground and look to be rewarded for their amazing performance. Despite a lot of Liverpool fans complaining that City have spoiled their title win hopes, City is keen to clinch the EPL Trophy without a doubt this season.

Liverpool Draw Tottenham

Liverpool had a surprisingly hard time against Spurs only managing a 1-1 draw. We say ‘surprising’ but we know that Antonio Conte’s magic is to blame. Ever since Conte took over Tottenham, they have a much better team and are likely to topple Arsenal from fourth place and end up in the top four themselves. 

Liverpool Draw Tottenham
Conte’s Tottenham was sure to not give Liverpool a break and it’s amazing what impact Conte has had despite joining the team mid-season.

A UCL Distraction

It may be that the reason why Liverpool performed so dismally in their match against Spurs is that they are distracted by their qualification for the UEFA Champions League Final. Liverpool may be under a lot of pressure at the moment and we could see their tension on the pitch. Even so, what would be more legendary than to win both the EPL and UCL in the same season?

A UCL Distraction
Liverpool are undoubtedly under a lot of pressure as they train for the UEFA Champions League final.

2 For 1: Will Liverpool Win both the EPL and UCL 2022?

Liverpool still have the unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lift both the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League titles in the same season. As such, in our view, they should do whatever they need to do to give their all in both leagues, especially now that both leagues are in the finale, so to speak. If what they need is to soak in a quick trip to the Maldives, then let their management fly them there as quick as possible for a two-day vacation and bring them back to training ready to kick some butt. They are capable and we hope they do it. No offense Man City. 😂

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